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What We Do

Events are a lot of fun to host and attend, however they have tons of moving pieces that most inexperienced event planners are unaware of.  When you’re the one responsible putting an event together, the more you can take off your plate the better! The last thing anyone wants is to miss a major component to the event or theme because they are simply overwhelmed. They say that when it comes to events, the devil is in the details, so when you get bogged down and are trying to do it all yourself, you’re bound to miss a few things. Well, unless you have an experienced partner, that is.

When you partner with Exponential Management we work with you to take as much of the responsibility off of your shoulders as we can. The idea is to give you the event you’ve envisioned while still allowing you the ability to enjoy the event yourself.

We can meet you where you are, no matter the size of your event:

Site Selection

Before you start planning your event, you have to consider the location. The location is going to factor into almost every other aspect of your event. At Exponential Management, we work with you to find the absolute perfect location for your event.

Housing Bureau

If you are going to have guests from out of town, or are planning to serve alcohol, you want to have somewhere for people to stay. We can work with you to compile a list of accommodations to pick from even make arrangements and reservations for your event.

Travel & Transportation

What good is it to plan an event if people cannot show up? That’s where we come in. We can help with flights, arranging transportation from airports to and from hotels or the event and everything in-between. The last thing you want to do is leave one of your guests stranded, wondering what they are supposed to do!.

Equipping Your Event

It’s one thing to plan an event, and another thing to get it all setup. We can help secure all of the décor and supplies you will need, as well help develop a plan for the ideal placement of all of the events equipment.

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Site Selection

We have the ability to reach out to 1, 10 or 100 properties in your city or across the globe.  Quit wasting time searching for hotels and reaching out to the properties to discuss your event.  We will build your event’s profile and then request properties that are a good fit to bid on and earn your business. This is a great way to try and keep your event under budget while also potentially adding in a lot of little extras you might not normally get.

Once we narrow down your top properties, we help get you the best contract possible.

When you negotiate on your own, you represent one client.  When we negotiate on your behalf, we represent our over 100 events planned with over 67,000 attendees and our multiple clients.

So, as you can see, in the event world, yes, size matters and when you partner with Exponential Management, we flex our muscles for you to get you the best rates possible.

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Housing Bureau

One of the “bad words” for events is attrition.  This is the monetary penalty you pay for failing to meet your room block requirements. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell exactly how many rooms you are going to need. Life happens, and we understand that, better than most hotels do. Rather than suffer at the hands of hotel politics, we can create your own custom site for attendees to book their rooms, ensuring your hotels fill up accordingly.

Want to customize it and make sub-blocks for board members, presenters and exhibitors?  No problem!  Want to create additional revenue streams for sponsors to be visible to your attendees while booking?  Yep, we can do that!  Need to add messages/reminders once attendees book their room?  Piece of cake!

Let us help you increase your room block pick up, create new revenue streams, improve communication with attendees and kick that dirty “a” word to the curb!

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Travel and Transportation

You have a venue, attendees have booked their rooms, now what?  What happens when they land?  What happens when they have down time at your event?

We can ensure from the moment they leave their house to the minute they pull up to your event, all details have been handled regarding transportation.  Let us help you with flights for attendees, on-site transportation upon arrival, and nice options for activities and tour packages for them in any down time your event may have.

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Equipping Your Event

We can handle the design and printing of your conference programs and other print collateral, completely brand the event space to look and feel like your organization, handle all of the conference shirts for each attendee and provide the plaques or awards for your program, ensure all of your audio-visual needs are handled by our own team from breakout room needs to full show production, and on and on and on.  In other words, we can handle all of your event needs from start to finish!

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Experience Matters

The little things in an event make such a huge difference.  With our experience of creating and producing events for more than 100 events and 67,000 attendees, we’ve learned a thing or two about tracking all of those details.

I started Exponential Management after 16 years of being involved in large events and 10 years of directly producing the events.  I realized, as the event planner, I had a contact for awards, a contact for the shirts, a contact for travel, a contact for audio-visual and a contact for just about everything else.  I dreamed of the idea that I could just have 1 contact for so much of the event, letting me focus on the things that matter most…my event’s content, while leaving as much as I could in the trusted hands of an event expert that handles more than just 1 component of an event.  I know I was not the only one looking for that, which is why I founded Exponential Management!

You are not just a customer when you work with us, you are truly  a part of our family!  We would be honored to earn your business and help you create the best event you’ve ever seen!

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Site SelectionHousing BureauTravel & TransportationEquipping Your Event